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 Our first release, a Golden Ale, has been very well received.

The concept was to make an easy to drink session beer void of all the usual complexities of a super hoppy flavoured beer.

 It pours a clear golden colour with a nice malty backbone and a surprising body. A full flavoured drink that hits the middle of the tongue with a strong finish of buttery crushed mojito lime.

It’s a wonderful match to any food but it really shines when paired with a spicy meal.



Has a balanced caramel malt character ending with an aftertaste of tropical fruit flavours making it a real thirst quencher- It’s like Summer in a bottle…
We dry hopped this baby for a big flavour and aroma.

 It has just enough bitterness to get your attention and finishes with a crisp end note.



We are working on the recipe for our next creation, an IPA.
We’re aiming for a similar ABV, but that is subject to change!
It’s going to be tasty….

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